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Biotic Inventory

Every landowner should know what they have on their land to make informed decisions.

Conservation Opportunity Planning

Land Trusts and owners of large blocks of land usually make conservation decisions via the land ethic of the owners or board. Tremendous conservation can ensue; however, in many cases, the highest regional biological opportunities can be overlooked without a comprehensive biotic assessment.

Management Plans

Well designed management plans are crucial to assure successful conservation. Plans can easily be made to accomplish goals with unlimited funds; a more challenging process is to deliver optimal conservation within a budget.

Management Activity Coordination

How decisions are made regarding which management action to take and at what time can make or break conservation efforts. GNW provides this service.

Landscape Context

Is my back forty within a larger forest or an isolated stand? A question such as this can be critical in making decisions about what can be accomplished on one's land to meet goals.

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