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 SSeasonal Suggestions

Any person, corporation, or organization interested in protecting and enhancing the best nature Wisconsin has to offer should visit the Wisconsin State Natural Areas web site. ​Follow this link - or simply go to and type in SNA in the search box. Nearly 700 SNAs statewide are readily available for exploration and to learn about the best of the best nature that Wisconsin has to offer.


Suggestions for learning about nature are presented seasonally. The suggested sites for August and September 2022 feature places to  experience plant and animal interactions during their peak of productivity. Naturalists tend to visit the same places year after year, because they do not want to miss the natural events so important to their lives.  This year consider branching out to attain new experiences. Opportunities to experience more of  Wisconsin's best can be found by visiting these pages Prairies, Mushroom Forays, and Late Summer Adventures for more details.


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