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Northwoods Focal Sites

The series of sites below have very high biological ratings. but have less than one-half the high quality area is in protected status. Each site has a brief introductory description followed by a link to a printable pdf.


Boot to Bass Lakes, Iron County: Between these two lakes lies the largest peatland remaining in the state. Long-term models indicate the largest and most intact peatlands will resist a warming climate the longest. Large blocks are protected, but many intervening parcels are need to assure the most resistant peatland.





Plover River Woods, Marathon County: This site represents the best and richest ground layer plant diversity in the Northwoods. Most of the area is heavily managed, but still retains an abundance of wildflowers. Some portions of the site needs to be managed for older forest characteristics, in order to have the full range of rich forest species for future generations.





Spruce Grouse Swamp, Vilas County: If we are to have spruce grouse in the state for our children's children, then this is the spot to try. Spruce Grouse need both wetland conifers and upland conifers in close proximity.  Precisely the condition here.





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