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Niagara Escarpment Conservation

Niagara Escarpment: The Niagara Escarpment is a linear bedrock feature that extends from the Mayville area through the west side of the Door Peninsula, then across the north edge of Lake Michigan and Huron all the way to New England. Wisconsin contains the southernmost extremity of the unique feature, which contains unusual flora and fauna.


There are differences between the Dodge, Fond du Lac and Calumet species and those found in Door County. Small remnant habitat also means species requiring that habitat are also rare. If Wisconsin wants to keep these species around, then a concerted effort is need to protect and manage the habitat. Conservation efforts in the long-term are problematic due to the intense pressure to develop the remaining unprotected sites. Short-term opportunities exist to protect the few remaining biologically important tracks.


To this end, Great Nature Wisconsin LLC presents the best places to achieve conservation. Individual pages are locations with size to accommodate most of escarpment species. Paragraphs within the pdf along with maps indicate places with some level of present protection and management that needs additional consideration. Finally, the bulleted list has places that are small in scope or they have mostly complete protection in place.





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