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Mecan Springs


Wisconsin has more than 10,800 documented springs. The highest concentration is in Grant County due to a layer of shale which prevents water from penetrating, forcing it to flow above this layer until it emerges as hillside springs. Other concentration areas are found throughout the driftless area, and at the terminus of the great glacial moraines. 


Our abundant spring resources provide habitat for endangered and threatened species, such as the Hine's emerald dragonfly in Door County. They provide the source of cool, oxygen-rich water needed by our much sought after trout. A lesser known, but probably more important reason for protection is that these springs are windows for understanding our bedrock, glacial geology, and groundwater resources.


Mecan Springs is the second largest spring in the state. This outstanding resource can be viewed and explored early in the year. From the opening of waterfowl season through December 31, the springs are completely closed to any type of disturbance. From January through late summer, the springs can be accessed by traveling east from Coloma on Highway 21 - 2.6 miles, then north on County Highway G 2.0 miles, then west on Chicago Ave 0.3 miles to an access lane and parking area.

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