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Management plans are critical to help a landowner identify management objectives and define a process to systematically achieve them.


Great Nature Wisconsin provides these services to land owners who either have high quality natural communities they want to sustain and/or enhance or to those seeking to restore the highest qualities to their land. Managing land or water for game species, such as white-tailed deer, mallard or ruffed grouse, is relatively easy. Likewise, managing forest for commercial product, or planting a 25 species prairie mix are not complex. Hundreds of consulting foresters and restoration companies are available to create plans for these types of management goals.


For persons whose goal is to manage their forest towards developing old-growth characteristics, to recreate a high quality oak savanna, or those who want to plant a 200  species prairie mix, GNW is the place to go. The ecologist at GNW has conducted scientific inventories at nearly 1000 of the most pristine locales in the state. This knowledge of these biological templates for managing your high quality communities is unparalleled. More than 400 management plans have been developed to maintain or enhance these natural communities.


Contact GNW today for a free analysis to see if your land qualifies.

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