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Great Nature Wisconsin has many years of experience in placing sites into big picture context. GNW has more than 25 years experience considering these landscape effects.


Even the best remaining natural communities can be affected by the matrix in which they sit. An old-growth forty-acre woods can maintain many more species over the course of time if it lies within a matrix of forest. Whereas, the same forty can lose most of its conservative species over time if it lies within a matrix of row crop agriculture.


The ebb and flow of species across the landscape and their modes of movement can greatly affect whether or not a landowner can achieve their conservation goals. While large scale geo-mapping services are not offered, answers to whether or not these services are needed can greatly affect the resources available to work on the ground. An unbiased assessment of mapping needs can be arranged.


GNW provides assessment and forecasts of future effects of landscape change, climate variables, and species movements for clients.

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