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Glaciated Southeast Focal Sites

The series of sites below have very high biological ratings. but have less than one-half the high quality area is in protected status. Each site has a brief introductory description followed by a link to a printable pdf.


Northern Dane County Prairies, Dane County: An archipelago of small prairie remnants is all that is left of the vast deep soiled Empire Prairie. While  protecting and managing remnants  does not make much sense for vertebrates, it does make sense to protect rare plants and invertebrates.




Puchyan Prairie, Green Lake County: The largest and most intact wet-mesic prairie system we have left in east central Wisconsin. This site needs further protection and management.




White River Prairie and Tamaracks, Green Lake County: A large tract of wet prairie, sedge meadow and tamarack fen lines the White River.  Some of the land is protected, but much is still in private ownership with virtually no management for the prairie resource.




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