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The Great Nature Wisconsin ecologist has surveyed every Wisconsin State Natural Area, in addition to hundreds of private sites - an on-the-ground expertise unmatched by any other conservation opportunity consulting company. GNW has 25 years experience in providing biotic planning.


Great Nature Wisconsin focuses on identifying the best of the best and providing the science behind site selection to lend justification for Land Trusts and private persons interested in land protection. Services can range from landscape planning efforts to back-40 evaluations. 


Land Trusts readily acknowledge the need for better biological data. Land protection tools and assistance mechanisms, fortunately for Wisconsin Land Trusts, are readily available through Gathering Waters.  Futhermore, the appropriate focus on land protection constrained by limited dollars leaves very little to hire biologists. The foremost item lacking for many Land Trusts is a comprehensive understanding of the highest biological priorities for their service area.  Contact GNW for a free estimate regarding your Land Trust's biotic planning needs.




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