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Great Nature Wisconsin LLC is a small ecological consulting company that exclusively works with:

  • Land owners who have the highest quality natural communities on their land.

  • Land Trusts with a mission of protecting the highest quality natural communities in their area.

  • Persons or organizations whose goal is to restore natural communities to their most diverse condition.

GNW provides expert services for:

  • Conducting biotic inventories, especially bird, plant, and natural community surveys.

  • Planning services for land trusts to determine the highest quality conservation opportunities in their service area.

  • Development of management plans.

  • Coordination of management activities.

  • Providing a Floristic Quality Index, an Index of Ecological Condition for bird habitat, or placing natural community qualities into a landscape context.


Randy Hoffman is the principal ecologist at Great Nature Wisconsin LLC.

His foremost qualifications are:

  • 2009 recipient of the Aldo Leopold Restoration Awards, John T. Curtis Award for Career Excellence in Ecological Restoration.

  • Author of the acclaimed "Wisconsin's Natural Communities," 2002, University of Wisconsin Press.

  • Lead Scientist for the development of the Wisconsin Wildlife Action Plan's Conservation Opportunity Areas.

  • Author or team member of more than 400 management plans for natural communities ranging from back-40s through ecological landscapes.

  • Co-author of Wisconsin's Floristic Quality Indicators and Oak Savanna Indicators.

  • More than 40 years experience conducting breeding bird surveys.


More Information or a full curriculum vitae provided upon request.

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