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Our Vision

Presently, less than 2% of Wisconsin's land and waters is considered of the highest biological quality. Our vision is to have that number increase to 10% by 2100 with an additional 25% managed according to ecological principles.  We envision a state where every landowner is aware of their property's natural values and improves upon those values during their tenure.d improves upon


Great Nature Wisconsin provides free infomration to persons and organizations who have a similar vision for high quality natural communities.



The popular "when things happen" section has now been produced as a book. Busy families and curious naturalists now have a one stop location for when to plan outdoor activities. Vital health benefit aspects of nature experiences can be enhanced by visiting natural areas, when peak abundance occurs.

When things Happen - A Guide to Natural Events in Wisconsin explores how natural events unfold three times each month. In-depth articles, snapshots of other events and tidbits of information highlight activities for each time frame. Included in the text is the full range of nature from lichens to mammals. In addition, information on moon phases, meteor showers and day length are presented. Nearly 40 illustrations and photos help tell the stories.

Books are available only through Amazon, as either a paperback for $19.98 or an ebook for $4.49.

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